Virus Removal

Question:- Is your computer slowing down,freezing,or even crashing or doing strange things?

Answer:- Your computer may have a virus/adaware/spyware on it.

If your computer is running slow or freezing it may have a virus,it may also have many other threats on your computer/laptop,we are here to help make it work properly again,we will remove threat/s on your computer/laptop and will also fix the windows registry if need be,we will also Speed Up your computer so your computer will work good again!

* You can leave your computer or laptop with us at our premises if you like and collect it when it is ready,where required,or we can come out to you and fix it at your premises if this is more suited.

We are a computer and laptop repair company that specialize with laptop and desktop repair services.
We also offer all our customers 12 months FREE Antivirus if needed if your computer is fully serviced by us.